Gideon Oakes for District 30 Senator

Hi! I'm Gideon Oakes, and I'm running for State Senator from District 30.

As a fourth-generation South Dakotan, I know, love and understand our beautiful state and its people. I love to visit new places and expand my horizons, but at the end of the trip, the feeling of coming home to the Black Hills is simply beyond compare. This is my home, and it's worth fighting for.

First and foremost, I am not a career politician. I am a husband, father, friend and neighbor seeking to do what's best for my family and my community.

I am a small business owner. My wife and I understand what it means to budget and to make payroll every two weeks.

In addition to public service as a two-term town board trustee for the Town of Keystone, I have been very active over the years in the civic community, including organizing the Haunting of Keystone and serving on the Boards of Black Hills & Badlands Association, the Keystone Rural Fire Protection District and United Way of the Southern Black Hills.

Here are a few of my pledges to you if I am elected:

  • I will always vote to protect an individual's right to life.
  • I will defend our rights to own and possess firearms and ammunition.
  • I will seek to reduce government spending and return surpluses to the People.
  • I will be a strong ally and advocate for the tourism industry.
  • I will work hard for the ranchers, farmers and others who work so hard for us.
  • I will fight to honor the promises we have made to our Veterans.
  • I will protect our public resources against mismanagement and irresponsible neglect.
  • I will uphold our state's rights and oppose all federal mandates.
  • I will support parental rights to educate their children where and how they choose.
  • I will champion free-market capitalism and fight over-regulation at every level.
  • I will stand up for the rights of all South Dakotans, not just those who look, think or pray like me.
  • I will demonstrate that the message of Liberty does not stop at any one party's bounds.

I'm running because I believe We The People are more capable of directing our own lives than are bureaucrats.

Time and time again, I've seen idealistic, principled candidates go to Pierre, only to be "corrected" by their party leadership and eventually lose their way. As a third-party candidate, I will always put principle over party. No more "business as usual" in Pierre. I want to give you the choice of a candidate you can actually get behind.


 For Liberty,





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