Russell Withdraws; Oakes Only Conservative Candidate in District 30 Senate Race - Gideon Oakes for District 30 Senator
June 23, 2018
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Russell Withdraws; Oakes Only Conservative Candidate in District 30 Senate Race

For Immediate Release:

Tonight at approximately 5:00pm CDT, District 30's incumbent state senator, Lance Russell, was required under SDCL 12-6-3 to make a decision between the two offices he was seeking. Ultimately, he chose to pursue the office of S.D. Attorney General and to withdraw from the state senate race.

At this time, I'd like to wish Mr. Russell all the best in his future ventures, and thank him for nearly two decades of service to our district as a public official.

I'm also pleased to announce that as of now, I am the only conservative voice remaining in the District 30 race for state senator.

Back in March when I first heard that Mr. Russell was running for both the state senate and for A.G., I knew he would ultimately have to choose between them. Since then, I have been running a consistent, grassroots campaign based on principle instead of politics. Tonight, I want the voters of District 30 to know that I am ready, willing and able to serve as your next state senator.

While the local GOP central committee will likely replace Sen. Russell with another candidate on the November ballot, I invite all District 30 Republicans to take a look at my campaign platform and pledges at

Once you've examined my 12 campaign pledges, I humbly ask you to put principle above partisan politics and join these former elected officials in supporting me:

• Mike Verchio, Former District 30 Representative
• Jared Carson, Former Mayor of Custer
• Sandi McLain, Former Town Board President of Keystone
• Keith Carlyle, Former Mayor of Rapid City
• Alan Aker, Former District 35 Senator and Meade County Commissioner
• Steve Hickey, Former District 9 Representative
• And more to come...

My campaign platform is simple: Life, Liberty and Limited Government, and if elected, I will serve my community always with an eye to these principles.

Thank you for your time and consideration,

A. Gideon Oakes
Candidate for District 30 Senator

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